Our Meetings

Check below the meeting search for a downloadable/printable copy of our printed meeting schedule.

Warning!Many groups are conducting online meetings through Zoom. Click the link for each group to join. (Some groups have not contacted us to inform us about their facilities’ statuses. We can’t unpublish them unless they ARE NOT meeting. Please, let us know if you go to a meeting that is not occurring.)

Warning!Some Groups are meeting in person again. Not all who are meeting in person have contacted us to let us know. Please, READ the information in the left column for the group’s listing below to see where they meet if not at their regular facility. Also, if you are a GSR or long-standing member of a homegroup which has changes to be updated here, contact the website coordinator through the email address contact info located on the front page of the Area minutes. Also, mapping cannot be simultaneously enabled while virtual meeting formats are. Sorry for any inconvenience. You will need to manually type the address into a mapping application or copy/paste it.

We now have groups with meetings per week.

Click the PDF icon below for a current .pdf download of our printed meeting schedule.